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Beginning the first week of January, the teens living at St. Lawrence Place had an opportunity to participate in the PHLYTE Program (Pressley House Leading Youth Towards Excellence), an Evidence-Based Intervention that will reduce the risk of HIV, STDs and Teen Pregnancy. The initiative was led by Ms. Dwiyana Owens Hill, Founder and CEO of The Pressley House, a boarding home for teen mothers here in Columbia.

The six-session curriculum taught our teens facts concerning sexual health and risky sexual behaviors. The program also helped to build confidence in our teens by utilizing positive reinforcement, and role play.

The teens were really excited to participate in the program and many said they feel confident now in facing peer pressure. As a result of completing the program, they received a $25.00 gift card.  As the Teen Case Manager, I am especially grateful to Ms. Hill and her staff.

Below: Dwiyana Owens Hill, Founder and CEO of The Pressley House

D. Hill pic (pressley house blog)