"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."
 George Bernard Shaw 


                                                                             PHLYTE Program Participants - Allen STEMS 2014

The PHLYTE Program (Pressley House Leading Youth Towards Excellence) is designed to empower adolescents with knowledge and motivation to influence their decision-making skills and change behaviors in order to reduce HIV, STDs and Pregnancy.  This program utilizes two Evidence-Based Curriculum: Be Proud! Be Responsible! and Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!.  Both interventions are designed to meet youth whereever they are in their life experiences; prior to engaging in sexual activity, currently engaging or abstaining.  These interventions are intend to affect knowledge, beliefs, and intentions related to condom use and sexual behaviors.

All Youth ages 13-18
Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a six session curriculum which can be implemented in several ways over a period of 6 hours in total.  This curriculum can be facilitated in many different settings such as schools, community sites and clinics.

Module 1: Introduction to HIV and AIDS

Module 2: Building Knowledge about HIV and AIDS

Module 3: Understanding Vulnerability to HIV Infection

Module 4: Attitudes and Beliefs about HIV, AIDS, and Safer Sex

Module 5: Building Condom Use Skills

Module 6: Building Negotiation and Refusal Skills

The program is delivered through group discussions and exercises, videos, games, and role-play. 

Adolescent Mothers grades 7-12
Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective! is a more robust curriculum that is geared toward adolescent mothers and pregnant girls.  The curriculum emphasizes the role of maternal protectiveness in motivating adolescents to make healthy sexual decisions and decrease risky sexual behavior.

The overall goal of Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective! is to reduce unprotected sex among sexually active, pregnant and parenting teens and to help them make proud, responsible and protective sexual decisions.  It also addresses the impact of HIV/AIDS on pregnant women and their children, the prevention of disease during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and special concerns of young mothers.

This is an 8 hour course.  This program is also delivered through group discussions and exercises, videos, games, and role-play. 


Do you know a young male or female between the ages of 13-18 who is curious about or engaging in sex?  Are you concerned about their Sexual Health?  The Pressley House needs your help with reaching those youth! 

All youth that complete this program will earn a gift card and other cool incentives!  Contact us today to find out how to sign up for this FREE program.

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